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Every great success story began when the right people met at the right time in the right place.

Take meetings to the next level with restaurant services

Helsinger is above all a meeting place and a high-class restaurant, but also an official venue, headquarters, showroom and a relaxation space to our customers.

At Helsinger, you can enjoy diverse restaurant services in cabinets, in the restaurant or in the Lounge Bar from morning until late at night.

There are 20 cabinets, ranging from intimate two-people rooms to venues that can host over twenty people. Meetings arranged in our venues are high quality, effortless and safe. At our restaurant, you can enjoy the menu items or take a seat in the Lounge Bar and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and music.



An important meeting deserves an important venue. You will find the right venue at Helsinger, whether for a one-person video conference or a team meeting.

Nothing was left to chance in the furnishing of the venues. Every space has been carefully designed and is well-appointed down to the last detail. Our diverse selection of venues ensures that the objective and details of every encounter are taken into consideration.

Our restaurant’s high-quality servings will put the crowning glory on your meeting.

You can make your reservation online, by phone or by emailing us. We will also serve you without a reservation: just show up and our staff will take care of everything. However, to ensure the availability of the desired venue, we recommend making a reservation.

All our cabinets are equipped with a LED screen and Wi-Fi. Our venues also have a streaming option. For any other meeting equipment, we ask you to contact our staff.

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Lounge bar

The Lounge Bar is a full-service bar with high-quality wines and cocktails. We serve our All Day menu in the Lounge Bar, which includes a selection of Helsinger’s signature servings, ranging from small snacks to an extensive dinner. In the Lounge Bar you can take a break, enjoy after work refreshments or celebrate successes in a relaxed atmosphere that might lead you to new encounters – the most important moments are not always part of the official program. The Lounge Bar’s soft couches are excellent for recharging, checking emails and waiting for guests.


In our atmospheric restaurant you can enjoy excellent food and perfect service. We serve a high-class breakfast from morning until evening, high-quality lunches and elegant dinners with wine, always with table service. With classic style and a modern touch. At Helsinger, you can enjoy an extensive meal or a small dish and seal relationships that will last.