Helsinger reservation terms

Reservation confirmation

The reservation is binding. The customer is responsible for the reservation. Changes to the reservation can be made either in writing or orally. Prices are valid for an indefinite period of time, the restaurant reserves the right to make changes to the prices. The information provided by the customer to Helsinger is only used to plan and implement the event/reservation. The customer has no right to transfer the reservation or to transfer the venue they have rented to a third party without the consent of the restaurant

Reservation clarification

In custom-made orders, the restaurant will review the reservation confirmation and invoicing conditions in advance with the customer.

Reservation cancellation conditions

In the event of an obstacle, the reservation can be moved / cancelled free of charge two (2) hours before the reservation. In subsequent cancellations, the restaurant has the right to charge the customer according to the order.

Customer’s responsibility

The restaurant is not responsible for the customer’s belongings, which are kept in the restaurant’s premises. The customer is obliged to protect the venue and furnishings and technology which they rent from damage. The customer is responsible for all the damage caused to the property, venue or movable property by customer or their guests/customers.