Stunning cabinets for your use

Helsinger has 20 cabinets, ranging from intimate two-people rooms to venues that can host over twenty people. The are also three soundproof space for phone calls and a private entrance.

Helsinger has a minimum hourly billing per room, which is reduced by the restaurant food enjoyed. Our principle is that Helsinger is flexible, not you. You do not need to pre-order meals, everything can also be ordered on the spot. You can also book a space without restaurant services, for example for work.

All our cabinets are equipped with a LED screen, Wi-Fi, accessories for notes, adjustable ventilation and lightning. Our venues also have a streaming option. In addition, a conference speaker, a Ring Light and a stand for laptop are available free of charge for the venue.

For the smooth running of your event, if you are organizing a meeting with catering, a private event, a cabinet lunch or dinner, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the packages we have planned in advance to make it easier to organize your event.


Reserve a cabinet / Ask for quote

You can ask for cabinet or reservation quote at or +358 50 535 8325